Postpartum depression & anxiety are very common and highly treatable.

understanding postpartum

Childbirth can be a stressful event due to hormone fluctuations, physical changes and lack of sleep. Experiencing these symptoms during the last trimester of pregnancy, more than 2 weeks after birth, or with great severity can signify the onset of postpartum depression and/or anxiety. Fortunately, postpartum therapy with a skilled counselor is effective & often symptoms can be resolved within a few months.

collaborative approach

Jacki Silber assists postpartum clients through a cooperative process focused on practical solutions. The sole objective of therapy is to help mothers and their loved ones feel better quickly. Each parent's vision for their family is respected, and wishes regarding breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, taking medication, and other treatment options are honored. Babies and family members are always welcome.

personal experience

During her own struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety, Jacki discovered that few professionals are trained to treat this very common condition.

Since 2000, Jacki has immersed herself in the field of perinatal mood disorders. She is one of very few therapists in the Bay Area specialized in helping mothers and their families handle the challenges a new baby presents.