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Caring, skilled guidance.

Jacki Silber, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Offices in Belmont & Redwood City, California


Individualized therapy for depression, anxiety, couples, pregnancy & postpartum, adjustment to parenthood, parental coaching, neonatal loss, trauma & more.


Many people want to make changes in their lives but don't know where to begin.


practical solutions

Over the last 20+ years, Jacki Silber has counseled hundreds of people across the San Francisco Bay Area. Jacki helps clients form strategies to fully enjoy their lives, instead of being consumed by anxieties and worries.

Jacki's approach is warm, caring, cooperative, respectful, practical and centered on each client's unique needs. 

individualized therapy

Jacki believes strongly that treatment is most effective when it’s shaped by each individual's vision for their life, rather than a "one size fits all" approach.

Jacki works closely with each client to determine the adjustments they'd like to make in their lives, and to develop day-to-day strategies for accomplishing these changes as efficiently as possible. 


confidential counseling

Because counseling is private and confidential, clients have complete freedom to explore issues without being concerned about how their words are being perceived. 

Seeing a therapist provides support, information, and most importantly, the broader perspective of someone who is not intimately involved in daily life.



More than just the baby blues.

postpartum treatment from a leading expert

One in seven mothers experiences depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy or after giving birth. Postpartum therapy can help new parents feel better & enjoy this special time.


Postpartum depression & anxiety are very common and highly treatable.

understanding postpartum

Childbirth can be a stressful event due to hormone fluctuations, physical changes and lack of sleep. Experiencing these symptoms during the last trimester of pregnancy, more than 2 weeks after birth, or with great severity can signify the onset of postpartum depression and/or anxiety. Fortunately, postpartum therapy with a skilled counselor is effective & often symptoms can be resolved within a few months.

collaborative approach

Jacki Silber assists postpartum clients through a cooperative process focused on practical solutions. The sole objective of therapy is to help mothers and their loved ones feel better quickly. Each parent's vision for their family is respected, and wishes regarding breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, taking medication, and other treatment options are honored. Babies and family members are always welcome.

personal experience

During her own struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety, Jacki discovered that few professionals are trained to treat this very common condition.

Since 2000, Jacki has immersed herself in the field of perinatal mood disorders. She is one of very few therapists in the Bay Area specialized in helping mothers and their families handle the challenges a new baby presents.


Building strong partnerships.

relationship & marriage counseling

Couples therapy helps partners strengthen communication & connection while working through relationship challenges. Jacki offers support & guidance as well as an objective perspective.


Work collaboratively to create a more satisfying relationship.

gain outside perspective

Since all couples tend to fall into patterns of communicating, it can be challenging to see beyond the perspective of the people involved. A therapist provides support, information, and most importantly, the broader perspective of someone who is not intimately intertwined in the situation.

By developing more effective communication strategies that work for both partners, therapy can assist couples in resolving issues more effectively on their own.

clarify shared goals

Sustaining a happy and satisfying relationship can be extremely difficult. Whether partners are being stretched in too many directions or dealing with major life transitions and challenging relationships with family members, it can be hard to identify anything besides what is not working.

Jacki helps both parties clarify the changes they would like to see, as well as to identify practical steps to attain these goals.

strengthen connection

Often when couples face difficulties, rather than uniting together, they end up more emotionally disengaged. The aim of couples counseling is to help both partners feel more connected and supported.

By drawing upon each spouses' strengths and skills, couples can successfully negotiate problems and challenges as a team. Achieving these goals together reduces frustration and brings couples closer.


You have a right to grieve.

supportive therapy for perinatal loss

Surviving perinatal or infant loss can be both devastating and overwhelming. Regardless of the circumstances, Jacki can help you find a way to both grieve and honor your baby.


Offering compassionate support when you need it most.

experiencing grief

Although everyone’s experience is different, surviving a perinatal or infant loss can be devastating and overwhelming. 

surviving a loss

Regardless of the circumstances, Jacki can help to provide useful tools for coping with your loss while remaining respectful of your unique grieving process.


caring support

Jacki can help you find a way to both grieve and honor your experience. Jacki provides a safe and nurturing place where you will never be pressured.


Overcoming effects of trauma.

effective emdr treatment options

EMDR is an effective treatment method for processing and resolving longstanding patterns related to trauma. 


EMDR allows resolution of recurring issues.


the emdr technique

EMDR began as a clinical technique to help clients reprocess major traumatic experiences, and is now the most commonly researched and effective method for resolving trauma. 

EMDR works by allowing the brain to process and resolve issues that were previously “stuck." It is similar to the process of consolidation of emotional learning that takes place during REM sleep.

effective treatment

EMDR treats issues related to traumatic events and unprocessed early experiences much more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.

EMDR is a powerful technique to help people to work through long-term patterns resulting from trauma, such as the need for control and order, anxiety, physiological responses, low self-esteem, relationship challenges, and performance difficulties.

resolve issues

More than other techniques, EMDR allows clients to retain some areas they feel are just too private to discuss with a therapist, while at the same time resolving issues that led them to seek therapy in the first place.

Jacki has completed specialized training and is certified in the EMDR technique for treating depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and trauma, as well as for performance enhancement.


Happiness is within reach.

meet jacki silber LMFT

Jacki Silber provides compassionate, respectful support. Jacki is dedicated to helping her clients feel better and lead more fulfilling lives.


Knowledgable guidance to help you feel better right away.

decades of experience

Jacki has been a clinical member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists for more than 20 years. She received her Master of Science in Psychology from California State University at Hayward (now Cal State East Bay) and is certified in EMDR.

In 1990, Jacki was honored with an “Unsung Hero” award by the San Mateo County Child Advocacy Council. She has counseled thousands of individuals, couples, adolescents, and families through life's challenges.

specialized expertise

Jacki has extensive experience in the areas of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, couples, perinatal mood disorders, chronic pain, and EMDR. For many years, she has focused primarily on assisting mothers, fathers and couples through the challenging and special experience of having a baby and raising a family.

Jacki is able to help any client—whether they are an individual or couple—who wants to better understand their experience in order to more effectively achieve their goals.

supportive approach

Counseling with Jacki is efficient, effective, and empowering. Jacki specializes in solution-based therapy based entirely on the goals of the client. She believes treatment is most effective when clients themselves decide what works for them.

Jacki's counseling style is warm, caring, and practical. She works cooperatively with clients to help them make changes in their lives. Treatment is based entirely around each person's unique needs, desires for their life, and personal situation.