Work collaboratively to create a more satisfying relationship.

gain outside perspective

Since all couples tend to fall into patterns of communicating, it can be challenging to see beyond the perspective of the people involved. A therapist provides support, information, and most importantly, the broader perspective of someone who is not intimately intertwined in the situation.

By developing more effective communication strategies that work for both partners, therapy can assist couples in resolving issues more effectively on their own.

clarify shared goals

Sustaining a happy and satisfying relationship can be extremely difficult. Whether partners are being stretched in too many directions or dealing with major life transitions and challenging relationships with family members, it can be hard to identify anything besides what is not working.

Jacki helps both parties clarify the changes they would like to see, as well as to identify practical steps to attain these goals.

strengthen connection

Often when couples face difficulties, rather than uniting together, they end up more emotionally disengaged. The aim of couples counseling is to help both partners feel more connected and supported.

By drawing upon each spouses' strengths and skills, couples can successfully negotiate problems and challenges as a team. Achieving these goals together reduces frustration and brings couples closer.