FREE 20-Minute Sessions
Perinatal & Postpartum Consultations for Therapists


Jacki Silber, a leader in the postpartum field, is offering a free 20-minute consultation about how you can best meet the needs of perinatal clients in your therapy practice.

During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss methods to increase your caseload by filling the dire need for qualified perinatal therapists, as well as get expert consultation for your current perinatal clients.


The opportunity of perinatal therapy

One in seven women experiences postpartum depression, and many more experience other perinatal issues. Since approximately 11,000 babies are born each day, there are many more perinatal clients than there are qualified therapists to treat them.

Postpartum clients can be some of the most lucrative yet serious cases that any therapist takes on. At the same time, they present a unique opportunity in therapy to help clients get better and move on.

With the help of a knowledgable and skilled perinatal therapist, a large majority of women will return to their prior level of functioning. Additionally, over the years, many clients return to the therapist who treated them during their postpartum period for different issues as their family grows.

Support from a Postpartum Expert

Jacki Silber LMFT has run a thriving practice specializing in perinatal anxiety & depression for over 15 years. She has been able to consistently grow her therapy practice through focusing primarily on postpartum and perinatal clients.

Through focusing on perinatal cases, Jacki has built a robust caseload of full-fee, privately paid clients. She has not accepted insurance for over 15 years.

Her deep expertise in the subject can help you grow your therapy business, better assist your postpartum clients, as well as help you to position yourself as a resource for this underserved population.

Jacki is also certified in EMDR and can demonstrate how to use EMDR most effectively when treating perinatal clients.